Stock Picks for February 27 2012

Everyone is ranting and raving about a pending increase in the price of gasoline. Even those of us that do not own vehicles. This frenzy has caused the hawks to swarm in. Before the bubble pops, and while the fear is fresh its time to invest. Wisely. Recent foreign policy decisions have come back to bite us in the nether regions. But just because politicians appear foolish doesn’t mean they are. The more enemies we create the more chance there is to make money. Now let me cut straight to it. For the week of Monday February 27th the following stock are smart to hold until Friday. GBR, WRES, PSTR. All are related to domestic crude oil exploration. Now that we are not friends with certain nations it will be the responsibility of domestic oil companies to provide the black gold. Al the aformentioned stocks are below $5 and since the news of gas price increases have increased as much as 64%!!! This may or may not last but another week of panic should be a safe bet. So if you can afford it get a lot of these, hold until Thursday or Friday and dump them. There both hovering around $4. Dont expect to get to $5 in a week. Make 10 to 20 cents and get out. If your a person that likes to skydive and bunji jump maybe you hold out for 35 or 40 cents.

See the performance of the aformentoned stocks on Google Finance.

See the state of mind of the consumers(investors also) on Google Trends.

For a summary of how I make my stock picks see the about page

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