Growing up, Bloomberg’s Portfolio Tracker and MarketWatch’s VSE

When I was in elementary school in the early 90s our class participated in the Stock Exchange Game. At the time I found it boring and another thing to learn that I would never use. I have the certificate of participation somewhere around here.

Later in High School we played the gave again briefly. Using the NY times to monitor our stock pics and learning about what the symbols meant. I didn’t pay it any more attention in high school than I did in elementary. Many moons later in college I again participated in a stock exchange competition, which had a price of $100. This is where I actually had some interest as there was some money motivation. We used a web site called Virtual Stock Exchange, which is a part of Out of the maybe 30 participants I think I cane around 7th, so I didn’t win the 100 bucks but I suppose the intent was to just get us familiar.

Currently, as you can see by the existence of this blog, I have become more interested in the market.  It’s not a game now as the money isn’t virtual, its my money. Not not a especially good time to learn from scratch, but it would seem that life has lead me to this point. I have really been playing this game since elementary school.

I logged into my old VSE account and use it to monitor my stocks, as the site I use to actually do trading is basic. No information on volume, P/E, no charts(only a pie chart). Its basically design for a investor that does not plan on making multiple trades, and isn’t constantly monitoring the values. So moving to another service is something I am in the process of doing.

In the mean time I have found VSE useful and also Bloomberg Portfolio Tracker. VSE gives all the information you need, but Bloomberg gives the same and additional features such as the ability to draw trend lines. You may be saying, [well I already have that]. Thats fine, but its news to this writer. Using trend lines doesn’t conform to my philosophy of monitoring the news and current events but if your dealing with a stock that exists in some kind of vacuum I suppose a trend line would be a good crystal ball. I find the trendlines useful when combined with the monitoring of current events. As a result I have downgraded my expectations for WRES, PSTR, and LOAN to $4.15, $4.20, and $1.18 respectively. Comparing to the values on the days I made the suggestions that would result in a gain of $0.25, a loss of $-0.09 and a gain of $0.05 respectively. Since warren Buffet recently fessed up to his poor reading of the ouija board, I guess I can fess up too. Still, if holding equal numbers of shares in the three aforementioned stocks, that would give a profit of $0.0833 average per share. Which is nothing to write home about but a W is a W.

Below is a screenshot of Bloomberg Portfolio Tracker:


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