Oh, Me of little faith

I have been really quiet the past few days. Lost a lot of money. My forcasting seems flawed right now. I’ll be the first to turn tail on my own strategy, not! I’m still in a holding pattern. This morning I got some lucrative news. Benyamin NetanYooohoo is coming to town to give the US president his orders on how to proceed regarding Iran. Days before the president made a speech to a zi0nis7 organization, assuring them that hes not a wimp when it comes to war, only a wimp for their special interest(s). So I expect all my domestic petroleum and natural gas stocks to go up again, after a disappointing week.

Additionally CNN Money released an article reflecting my current investment strategy. See the article here: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2012/markets/1203/gallery.oil-gas-investments/index.html

Though my stock picks are not popular brand names, they are cheap, so investors will find them. I expect Mr. NetanYoohoo to drum up support for killing people and the president will  be “in lockstep” with whatever he is told to do. During that time I hope to buy some additional domestic oil stocks and cash out with at least a 20% return. I only wanted to hold the shares for a week, but Ben Bernanke had other plans, and caused them to tank. So I’ll just have to wait out the warmongers’ posturing.

Its funny, last week one guy named Ben made me loose money and this week a guy named Ben is going to make me money. The balance is restored.

In other news the government is not going to only make the foreclosure process easier its going to give a financial hand to the bulk property buyers. You know, the guys who fix the prices, so that regular folks cant afford housing. So I expect like I mention before a rebound in the financials. The will provide these bulk buyers with the buying power while people who want to buy a house will be taking out bigger loans. These rundown abandoned and cheap houses will need repair so expect a raise in home depot, lowes and ace hardware. Those shares maybe pricey so its best to find a supplier’s stock. Best if the supplier provides good for all three companies. This winter has been extra nice, so winter supplies sales were probably poor. Lets say maybe a %5 at least, jump in the value of those companies between today and the 1st day of spring, better yet, by April 15th.

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