Advisory Explicit Content

The way I feel right now makes me want to say many, many bad words that children should not read. I will do my best as I believe using expletives is proof of a limited vocabulary.
Today is March 6 2012. The other day O told someone “beware the ides of march.” Its more like bewared the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and almost every day of March. The market is looking bad right now. Not even NetanYoohoo could help my stocks. Its like falling off your bike and falling with it instead of standing up and letting it crash. I’m getting concerned.
A few months ago I saw Mr. Gerald Celente on Russian Television and he was warning that the stock market is going down down down. Months later he was reminiscent of Harold Camping. Basically a joke. He wasn’t wrong, his timing was just a little off-but isn’t that the case with all false prophets. Anyways, another guy was on Bloomberg TV saying the…..I forget…anywanys some index/exchange…whatever was going to fall by 4000 points. The host of the TV show looked at the guy as if he was just told aliens had landed. The host seemed as if he wanted to tell the forecaster he was coo-coo.
I refuse to be caught up by theses fear mongers. Celente invests heavily in gold so he likes to scare the heard towards buying it. The other forecaster just wants us to dump our stock so he can clean up. These guys always have an agenda, but can you blame them. They understand that fear is a great motivator and thats all they spew. These market forecasters will always speak in favor of their investment interests not necessarily yours. If you want to use their information, don’t go by what they say go by what they buy. See how I used the words by and buy,cool right.
Anyways, tomorrow is another day. Hey, I think I’m brave but I haven’t looked fear in the face. The rest of the week will separate the men from the mice.
One of my holdings WRES released their quarterly report today and the stock lost about $0.25. Thats a lot for a $4 stock. I read through the report and didn’t find any bad news. Revenues were up, there is a plan for growth. Revenue is up and the increased gas prices contributed to that. Everyone scrambled when they heard the S&P fell. Butterfly effect came back to bite me in the butterfly.

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