No news is good news

OK, according to the papers, the stock market made a mini rebound today as a result of the 216,000 jobs created in February. What a bunk of crock.
If I could be in the editorial room of Bloomberg I would be rich because its either they are swaying the market with their stories or there just making up a reason why its behaving how it is.
The mini rebound didn’t really help me. I’m till down. Just my luck Bloomberg wants to announce that gas prices are going DOWN!. If the market isn’t going to behave according to logic I don’t think I can do this much longer. Tonight is a full moon, tomorrow morning I can just imagine the headlines “Last night’s full moon caused the DOW to loose 100 points” Too bad NASA is not publicly traded yet.
I don’t know how to call it. Still I wont look a gift horse in the mouth. I need to ride that horse to break even or make a profit.
Browsing the net recently, I encountered Nasdaq’s social network. It;s pretty cool. You can review stocks, add friends and pictures, typical social networking.
After this week, I decided to not put an additional dime into the market. I will miss some opportunities but I will get over it. I’m going to let whats on the table ride. I feel like Harold Camping with the exception that I lost money during the scare.

In other news, I am interested in seeing how the new Windows 8 is going to affect the market. I would like to see a windows based tablet just to observe if there is any chance they could get a good amount of market share. Currently Apple is number one, Android number two and Windows is a non-factor. Anyways Windows will have to find a way to make it sexy. maybe pay off some celebs to be seen using the product.

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