All quiet on the home front

I have been quiet for the past two days. I had a substantial rally on WRES & PSTR today, but sadly I decided to go against my beliefs and jump ship. The venture was profitable and I got very greedy causing me to loose some of that profit. Im still not into holding for a extended period of time. When I made a bumpercrop on GBR there was a gas scare. The following week no scare. I got in and out at the right time with GBR but jumped into PSTR & WRES at the wrong time. I have re-evaluated my strategy and relize I have to exercise more discipline. By more carefully monitoring what I will call Pop News I’m more likely to make a buck.
The free email accounts provided by Aol and Yahoo direct their customers to specific news articles. These articles then manifest thenselves into facebook. That then goes around the school, offices and so on. Additionally is a source for investors, and other news sites such as Yahoo and Aol. Another source would be Reuters and AP. Liberals are less inclined to be exchange friendly so liberal sites such as Mother Jones, Alternet, Politico, Huffington Post etc. don’t offer much financial advice, but they do give insight as to weather protesters might drive a stock down. I had that experience with PWR which is the company slated to run the pipeline for Keystone. I knew from experience that Republicans would endorse the pipeline ans Obama would in lock step capitulate to their demands. I didn’t take into account the protesters that surrounded the whitehouse. I also ignore the fact that this is an election year and though the president is weak his handlers want him to be re-elected. To achieve that his base(some of whom are protesters) must not be totally turned off(not like the have a choice anyway, in a 2 party system). As we can see. currently everything is leaning towards re-election. Job numbers are up, Greek banks are being bailed out, companies building overseas are being demonized(Apple), interest rates are low, the war in Iraq is over and the one in Afghanistan isn’t in the news. So, in this election year I expect the unexpected. It will go either 2 ways. Republicans will sabotage the market to make Obama look bad or Democrats will fudge the numbers to make him look good. The former will make a lot of people loose money this year allowing everyone to scoop up low priced stock until things recover, but who knows when we would recover from that. The latter will make a lot of people money this year and loose money the following year but that will stabilize within a quarter.
I doubt the republicans will sabotage the market, because they don’t want it that bad. Yes I said it. The republicans really don’t want to win this year. There is too much infighting and division. At this time of year it should be clear who the choice is. Other than them not wanting to win, Republicans will get what they want win or loose because Obama does not have the gumption.
To forecast what will happen will require not only monitoring consumer behavior but also monitoring the behaviour or Soros, the Kochs and all the other big name donors.
Now that I’m out of the market(until Monday) some pressure is off and I can get my head cleared and ready for Monday morning


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