I can’t complain.

I can complain about a loss but what difference will it make the money is gone. At the same time I made money to balance out the loss so why complain. A yin yang portfolio was my approach for this week with BPOP and PEIX. BPOP is what we know commonly as Banco Popular, which provides banking services in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. PEIX is a ethanol producer. Ethanol is used as a unleaded fuel additive and possibly in various manufacturing applications. Therefore every time you head to the pump your not only putting in petroleum distillate your also putting in ethanol. vehicles which accept “Flex Fuel” can accept higher concentrations of Ethanol than engines not similarly equipped.
Thanks for the science lesson. That was just to indicate that I have invested in finanacials while investing in energy. I bought BPOP at 1.96 and sold at $2.11. Only 30 minutes later it went up to $2.21. I wanted to kick myself but I was sitting down. Better safe than sorry though. In not so good news I bought PEIX at 1.14 and it dropped to 1.11, loosing 3 cents.
So now I’m stuck with PEIX until everyone gets scared. Which will probably not happen since Saudi Arabia has decide to increase crude output to compensate for the decreased access to Iranian oil. I will not bother to check Google maps, but I suspect Saudi Arabia is a little farther away than Iran. I expect prices of gas to still rise. The weather has been nice and consumers must have their products. They must get to the malls, they must go on dates, they must buy gas. If I was a smart man I would double my ownership of PEIX and hold to $1.20.

The black line indicates where $1.20 lies. So you can see from the chart this is a realistic expectation. I also expect the stock to go up as to fall below $1 is to be de-listed from Nasdaq. Not only embarrassing experience but one that can scare customers away and engage the stock in a freefall.
In the meantime I will be watching the news for the next hype. As a side note, the new Ipad will debut in 48hours. Today Apple stock went up $19 but I don’t care, as I don’t buy $600 shares. only $3 or less.


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