Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Dark Knight

Recently there have been many inappropriate references to the Bat Man movie. This is not exactly that. I’m referring to the Bat Man movie to play on the name of the trading firm Knight Capital. Recently there was a computer $440M “glitch” which caused those automatic trades to go awry. Now I’m no computer genius but to me it looks like sabotage. When Facebook made its IPO there were glitches. Glitches during one of the most anticipated IPOs in history. These programmers didn’t start their jobs yesterday and I don’t think Facebook and Google brain drained all the good programmers either. All these so-called “glitches” were orchestrated. Period. When dealing with money of the magnitude that was involved in these events there is no room for error.

I don’t endorse any political party but I stated when I began writing this blog that it would be in someone’s political interest to sabotage the economy. Look at the market leading up to the 2008 elections. I also stated later on the next rise would occur between post election 2012 and 2013, that was incorrect, I made a “glitch” the next peak would be around end of Fall 2015. I’m currently out of the game, a proverbial backseat driver, but I’m totally fine with not loosing anymore. The current embargo on Iran has not raised the price of oil as expected. Instead hydro-fracking has increased domestic energy output and other “friendly” and newly “friendly” Middle Eastern and African nations have kept prices down. For example earlier this year I owned PEIX, at about $1.19. Today it was valued at approximately $0.33. What embargo? There is no money to be made in the market now. The bottom is still a ways away. If Romney wins, buy everything. If he looses, wait until end of 2013, hold, then sell end of 2015.

Too many “coincidences” have been happening. Beware I say, beware.