I told you so…now buy GOLD

Way way back in August I wrote the following “There is no money to be made in the market now. The bottom is still a ways away. If Romney wins, buy everything. If he looses, wait until end of 2013, hold, then sell end of 2015.

After the recent elections we hear a lot of chatter about companies downsizing and punishing the economy as a result of the appointment of Obama. So expect a sudden downward spiral that will probably not be saved by Black Friday or Christmas shopping. Expect things to keep going down until about summer time. The summer will bring a plateau and the back to school season, and then Black Friday 2013 will give an expected lift.

Things will get back to normal, barring domestic terrorist attacks or attempted assassinations of the president or an all out race war. Any one of those unfortunate occurrences will probably have the market spiral down further until China steps in to recover the nation financially from literal ashes. Lets say around 2020. Saying that and saying this, I have to suggest something I know little about. BUY GOLD!!!


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