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Raze the bar

I’m not certain what the stocks that are not yet listed on the conventional US exchanges such as NASDAQ and NYSE but one has come up from my research on a topic I probably have previously mentioned.

According to a 2011 CNN Money article alcohol sales have risen during the economic downturn. I saw another report on Bloomberg showing alcohol sales were up about 200%. Unfortunately I cannot locate that at this time. Here is a note from The Partnership for a Healthier New York Two in five (40%) youth who begin drinking before the age of 15 will become alcohol dependent in their lifetime..

Basically I want to bring your attention to FTER American Addiction Centers, Inc. A publicly traded drug rehabilitation center. This is prime time. You can’t turn on the pop radio station without hearing references to alcohol use and not just social use but to the extent of being unconscious. Excessive alcohol consumption has taken over pop culture. All the beautiful people are getting “wasted.” It goes without saying that pop culture speaks to the youth so now we have teens and 20-somethings being heavy alcohol consumers in their formative years. However unhealthy its good for business. On the alcohol sales end and eventually on the rehabilitation end. That is where the capitalist and opportunist, Catcher in the Rye comes in with companies like FTER.

It’s only logical. That is why I have chosen for the title a line from the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” where Pharell Williams says “Lets raise the bar and our cups to the stars.” The song promises, fun, and getting some, and of course a little drinky poo. Unfortunately with continued heavy consumption the beautiful people will need masks like Daft Punk just to look at themselves and no say what happened.

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