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Locating HP Compaq Presario C700 or F759WM Drivers

I have had many problems with the subject device.

I have had problems with a lot of devices.  Thankfully in most cases I was able to search online and locate a savant who had a solution. Nerds RULE!!

I have made some small gains myself in locating drivers and solutions. The hardest being locating drivers.

HP has discontinued support for this laptop but there are places where files can still be found.

Its good to know the device specifications before doing a search.

Here is the CNET breakdown of the device’s specifications:

Here is NVIDIA’s, the motherboard chipset manufacturer’s generic board features:

Here is NVIDIA’s driver download site: which is owned by CNET also had drivers and BIOS flash programs for this specific unit. I was able to locate the file on I was not able to directly find the correct files using’s search field. I found the exact service package/driver execulatble name via other blogs, some shady. Then used Yandex to search for the file name which allowed me to find the correct executable on on in the Yandex search results.

Here is almost useless information verifying that the unit is no longer supported. Select Laptops>Compaq>Presario F:

Using Google or Bing to find anything brings up virus sites, spam and a few thousand results most of which are useless. I prefer to use tthe Russian search engine Yandex as it is not so ad driven. Enter as many words as you can relating to what you are looking for. Entering “Compaq Presario “f759wm” 64bit HP Nvidia AMD Chipset Phoenix Bios” still generates 7000+ results.

Any executable file that you find and download. DO NOT run it until you look at its properties and check that the Digital Signature says its either from HP or NVIDIA. you can do that by right clicking then going to properties. One of the tabs will take you to the certificate where you can see who made the program or file.

Also look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser when you hover your cursor over a link. If the link is taking you to somewhere other than an HP ftp link or a Nvidia certificate.

I thought i would download files and link them here but its better you take your own risks. Most of the drivers release by HP have executable files with names that start with the letters “sp____.exe.” Good luck.