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As long as my bitches love me

Drake has a song, I believe it is featuring the artists known as Future. Part of his chorus or hook is: “Long as my bitches love me.”

What Drake has known and proven, is that having validation from the female consumer is the most important thing to being successful in selling consumer products. B2B products on the other hand is male dominated end user environment.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of household consumption is done by women. Therefore when marketing a product, the largest demographic you should place your focus on, for sustainable sales, is the female consumer i.e. “bitches”.

Recently I read an article detailing how America’s consumerism causes a lot of waste and garbage. Approximately 68% of our economy is driven by consumers. Consumers eventually produce waste. China and other formerly developing-now first world countries are refusing to take our recyclable and non recyclable waste. Now towns in America are faced with the problem of the old method of dumping onto landfills and burning our garbage to get rid of it.

Landfills leach pollutants into the earth and eventually into the water table and in turn into the oceans. Burning waste releases carcinogens including PCBs and a multitude of hazardous materials into the environment.

If we care so much about the environment and claim to be “WOKE” why are we buying so much stuff? I may  have mentioned in previous post that 24% of women are on prescription antidepressants or some other psychotropic to cope with life. Coping mechanisms of the depressed and anxiety suffering include: retail therapy i.e. shopping, eating, social media and other methods of self medication. Saving, minimalism and frugality are associated with restriction which makes one even more anxiety prone. So more bags, more shoes, more trips, more unused exercise equipment, unused gym subscriptions, unused cosmetics are purchased as treatment for psychological, emotional and or chemical imbalance.

This extends even to partner to such a person. In a relationship with a consumerist. you must fork over gifts on birthdays, Christmas, valentines and mothers day or you will be abused psychologically, emotionally, socially, and possibly physically. You do not want to face the wrath of their anxiety so you must be economically exploited and abused in order to increase the social coins a woman collects from her peer group when she displays the gifts.

There is a connection between the female driven consumerist society and the destruction of the earth. All of the amazon boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, plastic airbags, silica packets, plastic adhesive tape and other packaging waste is reaching a critical point. I have not even mentioned the discarding of the actual products, but many articles have been written on the detrimental effects of fast fashion on the environment.

In conclusion this post may be invalidated as it is written by a toxic male. Fortunately or unfortunately facts are not relative to the messenger, they are just facts. The most important woman, mother nature, will eventually regurgitate the trash we are feeding her and destroy all human  life. Justice will be served. We will continue to delude ourselves that we can consume our way into happiness until we demand that the stereotypes of shop-till-you-drop, retail therapy, materialism be removed from media and elsewhere. Demand real solutions to anxiety, depression, loneliness and mental illness and not simply the treatment of symptoms or sedation. End our hypocrisy of being “woke” on the environment while simultaneously trashing it. As woman make up 51% of the global population, they should lead the cause to reduce consumerism, and it’s waste by-products, and legitimately help their sister, Mother Earth.

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