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Run to Iran

I do not understand nor really find it important to know the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Not that I am a Islamophobe but I believe before 2001/2003 and before it became profitable to take out non threatening leaders like Saddam and Khadaffi nobody cared. I don’t even think the Sunni and Shia cared.

Recently there has been some rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran stemming from the execution of a religious figure. This has garnered my attention for the reason that these countries are significant oil producers and current oil prices are tanking due to overproduction. Also, President Obama has opened the market for the exportation of American Oil/Gas.

I predict without much confidence, that a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia will interrupt their oil supplies sufficiently for oil prices to again rebound. A war as such would be the tide that raises all boats. Domestic oil producers are in the red and prime for aquisition. International and OPEC oil producers are also in the red and would have a hard time competing with America’s domestic producers logistically due to shipping etc.

In conclusion I expect that it is prime time to buy into domestic oil producers. Using the MarketWatch stock screener I located a few companies, most of which are based in Texas that were in my favorite range of under $2. So that’s my two cents.